Cartier Flagship

635 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan

Maspeth Welding performed all structural steel, shoring and staircase work in this gut renovation project, while keeping the landmark facade in place. Maspeth Welding also removed, restored and reinstalled the iconic front clock.

“Under the direction of the French architect Thierry W. Despont, the Cartier house has been wholly transformed into a thing of rational and distinctly Gallic beauty. Gone is the welter of counters, the uneven levels, the tiny dead-end salons and the corporate cubicles.

Replacing them is a luxuriant New York version of a grand Parisian hôtel particulier, rational in plan and replete with airy salons set in telescoping enfilade. Paneled in limed oak, adorned with gilded plaster Art Deco-style friezes, these rooms all surround a brand-new and theatrically grand central staircase flanked by private salons.”

–The New York Times